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Updates on Reply Issue

Page history last edited by Shoq Value 14 years, 6 months ago



UPDATE 1:  Twitter Blog posted this update.  Doesn't seem to material change any fix suggested in this document. Studying it further. 



UPDATE 2: A few of us have gone through it, and the new Twitter explanation really just doesn't seem to say much new, but merely rephrases how all of this happened--and what might happen later. The one detail not explained in first version of this article (because it really wasn't relevant), was that according to Twitter, 97% of you never enabled the "see all replies" option in the first place.  But that option has now been removed altogether, and that removal, plus a change in the default reply behavior that it governed, was what caused "this Kerfuffle" in the first place.


What this means is that most of you were never seeing "all replies" from people you followed anyway, but you just didn't realize it.  In some ways, that's almost more disturbing, as most users seem to have assumed that they were always seeing ANYTHING that their friends were saying, unless it was a Direct Message. No doubt, many will now come to learn just why they often felt they "were not getting updates others were seeing." (a commonly heard refrain)


Bottom Line: Despite many origins and explanations, we feel the conditions discussed below are still substantially true. If you want your replies to be seen by all of your followers, even if they don't follow the person you are replying to, then follow the instructions herein.



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